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Vail Hoops
Two Vail Valley Colorado residents, Joel Barndt and David Smooke, talking about pickup basketball, the NBA, and anything Rocky Mountain hoops.
For those interested in discussions like ones and twos VS. twos and threes, what's the point of the coaches challenge, and just what it's like for new dads to play hoops in a region known for its skiing --- this is the podcast for you.

Looking to Hoop? Regular adult pickup games in the Vail Valley:

Monday 7pm @ Red Sandstone in Vail
Thursday 6pm @ Avon Elementary
Sunday 8am @ Battle Mountain in Edwards
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David Smooke

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Hooped 1-2x a week for the last 25 years. Founder/CEO @ HackerNoon.

Joel Barndt

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Can very much so still dunk a basketball.